Thursday, April 23, 2015

A Black Wave Commeth

This time I got the wonderful experience of reading a fresh chapbook by Scott Thomas Outlar, A Black Wave Cometh. I don’t much experience with this author’s work aside from publishing one of his poems in my Degenerates anthology, but after reading the manuscript I can tell this dude’s got some immense talent.

A Black Wave Cometh, is beat poetry at it’s finest. It’s existential and will mesmerize its readers with several hard-hitting images. It’s a book you really won’t want to put down aside from taking a breath after wholly immersing yourself.

There’s a lot of poetry out there, and most don’t know when to actually stop; that doesn’t really understand what it means to get your point into a few short bursts of inspiration. When you’re writing poetry, being concise is really key. Scott’s collection is a great example of what it means to attack readers with tight and gut-punching lines, twisting our experiences and spitting us back out when it’s finished. It’s a great ride, and one that was thoroughly enjoyed.

You can find Mr. Outlar's collection at Dink Publishing!

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